Career Coaching vs Astrology – A Light Hearted Reflection

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“How can you move forward when you don’t have everything you need? The answer is simple—if you can’t move forward, then move sideways. Go around the issues that have been holding you back, and come up with creative ways to get what you need. Collective thinking is key, so ask for ideas and let everyone contribute their thoughts.”

Believe it or not, this phrase has been copied from my daily forecast from!!

As I train hard and work with clients in my new career coaching practice, I realise that I am still OPTION 2 for my clients. I am not talking about the senior, expert coaches.

The real competition is from the astrologers. And it’s not just our Indian subcontinent – astrology is an ancient, worldwide practice.

I realize I am touching a sensitive topic here. There are now coaches who have embraced the competition and define themselves as “working at the intersection of astrology and coaching.” The premise here is that the astrological forecast will showcase individual gifts and potential, which will be further unleashed by coaching. That’s fantastic. You can’t beat the competition – join them.

Here, I am with just some validated assessments, coaching theory and plain common sense. I truly and passionately belief that self reflection and self work with the right tools and support can help you overcome your current period of flux.

As I go over tides and eclipses with my daughter, I am in awe of the influence the Sun and Moon have on our existence. Of course, I have been to astrologers – the Indian mother has to have her way. And yes, I have also bought a package of 2 questions when the nth interview for job change did not yield results, many many years ago. I don’t remember the answers, although thanks to gmail’s efficiency, I may still find them.

As almost all my clients for career coaching and/or documents progress in their interviews and job search/career transition goals, I thank my stars for giving me the opportunity to let my experience be of use for them. My caveat – I cannot offer astrological predictions.

What I can however tell you is, be prepared, be confident – your stars will find you.


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