Do You Know Your USP?

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USP – such a simple yet powerful question. Why should we hire you? What differentiates you from the other candidates?



Truth Bomb! The most common answer we get is “aahhh, ummm.”

Too many of us have lost that opportunity to make a sparkling first impression.

What does the recruiting manager want to hear?

Give me reasons to hire you. Tell me what you do, what are your areas of expertise, and what impact you bring. Don’t tell me what you want straightaway. Catch my attention with your confidence and ability to express what you do in a powerful statement.

What can I do?

Know your audience, and adjust your message, wording, and tone to what you know they are looking for. THAT is how to demonstrate your USP.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the challenge of updating your resume and linkedin profile? To talk about your achievements and skills? To tailor your resume to the job and ensure the reader is not biased? To ensure your Linkedin profile is not a copy of your resume? To ensure your resume and linkedin profile are SEO friendly.

Here are some actionable points for you.

1.      Sharp Content, readable format: Choose your resume format wisely. A 1 or 2 page format works for most roles. The recruiter is going to glance for 6-7 seconds before moving on to the next. Hence, your resume needs to stand out from the rest of the pack. The format has to be suitable for the job you are applying for. Use taglines, text boxes, graphs effectively.

2.      Action Words & Metrics: Ensure your resume has more achievements and less space on role. Recruiters are looking for tangible achievements and immediate benefits. Use action words at the beginning of every sentence e.g. enabled, defined, stabilized, achieved etc. Use powerful metrics. E.g. “provided leadership to a team of 8 regional sales heads & 40 sales associates,” is more effective than “led a large sales team.”

3.      Workaround possible biases: Going for that job in the internet company, and worried about ageism? No need to devote reams to those 2 decades old jobs. Focus on skills, what energizes you, and how you are relevant.

4.      Highlight your skills: Ensure your skills are highlighted. Check the job position you are applying for, and align your key words accordingly.

5.      Make your Linkedin profile yours: Your linkedin profile needs to talk about you. Go ahead and claim your space on the most sought after platform for working professionals. Make the space personal. Have your own tag lines, and an impactful summary. Speak about your experiences in first person. Have your skills updated. Get those recommendations and share also.

Writing your resume is a mix of art and science. Getting the job you want is also about being prepared for the opportunity. In the end, it is all about PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE.

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