Embrace Your Inner Futurist

Facts: >> No job is permanent. >> Skills in demand are continuously evolving. >> Industrialization reduced the dependence on human brawn. The new age is reducing the dependence on human brain. >> Organizational guidance on skill development is no longer enough. The onus is on YOU. >> Episodic careers and freelancing are taking over. >> Networked job search is the only winning strategy. >> Technological savviness is a must have. Tech careers don’t have to be in coding/IT/hardware et al. Embrace and be the master of using cutting edge of technology in your chosen profession. >> Despite the appeal of minimalist philosophies, maximalism and consumerism still rule. >> Education, Healthcare, Care/Social Sector continue to be evergreen sectors. BOTTOMLINE: Be Your Own CEO. Own your career. Scan trends. Network like your life depends on it. Have a Board of Directors for your career.

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