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Why do we need action words?

All of us have favourite words. In speech, we call them “fillers.” Notice how most of us tend to overuse certain words and phrases e.g. “Let me tell you,” “By the way” etc. It’s the same with writing, and even more so in resume writing.

While the topic for today’s article is action words for IT resumes, it is valid for most resumes.

From my observation in my career coaching practice, a typical IT resume tends to overuse a few words. Typical among them are “Achieve, Led, Handled, Managed, Responsible for, Build, Define, Create, Develop and Partner.”

What happens when we over-use a few words/phrases:

  • The reader can get to get fatigued as these are common words in not just the resume being read, but most other resumes.
  • We have missed an opportunity to showcase any nuances of the achievement.

Let’s get more creative with words. Start using strong, compelling action words to describe your accomplishments. Caution: Action words are meaningless without metrics. So be sure to back up your action words with the right metrics.

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Example 1:

You are in charge of a project from start to finish. Some other words you can use instead of “Led,” are:

Transform, Orchestrate in addition to Chair, Controlled, Rolled out, Organized etc.

Example 2:

You managed to pull off a rather difficult task. Instead of writing “Achieved,” maybe you could try:

Outperform, Overcome, Overhaul

Whether it is saving costs, gaining efficiencies, securing new business, deepening existing relationships, managing vendors, building organization capabilities, defining strategy and so on, at NimTalkingTalent, we have compiled from our experience and best practices, action words for most key job families and leadership roles.

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