Do I need a Linkedin Makeover?

Take this fun quiz of just 7 Yes/No questions to check out if you need a Linkedin Makeover


Did you score more than 4 Yes’s (i.e. 43% or less) – you really need to get your profile up & working.

Did you score more than 5 No’s (i.e.71% or more) – you are not doing bad. Get started on filling in the gaps.

With over 500 million users, Linkedin is the no 1 personal branding website. Recruiters, Influencers & Decision Makers use this platform extensively.

Do you think your Linkedin profile is not reflecting you?

Write in now to for a free Linkedin profile assessment. Get rid of “one size fits all” descriptors, ensure your profile is easy to read on mobiles (more and more people now read on smart phones), and most IMPORTANTLY, MAKE YOUR PROFILE PERSONAL, IMPROVE YOUR INFLUENCE DRAMATICALLY.

I am passionate about helping individuals maximize their career potential. With over 15 years of HR leadership experience, I offer a professional, personalized and affordable resume refresh, linkedin profile makeover and job interview coaching experience. Contact me at for a free assessment to help build your career. Follow me at Linkedin.

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